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Premium Long Life Durable Self Adhesive Anti-Slip Tape which incorporates a bonded and sealed 60-grit Aluminium Oxide, on an EN71 Low Temperature Resistant PVC Film which has been coated with a highly water and shrink resistant Acrylic Co-Polymer Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, protected by an easy-to-remove Release Liner.
 Ideal use for commercial, industrial and private areas. Usable on smooth, wet substrates or substrates smeared with oil or grease, with high traffic and low forklift traffic.
 - Internal and external areas
 - Entrances, passages, paths
 - Steps, slopes, ramps
 - Smooth Metal surfaces
 - Machines, vehicles
 - Kitchens, canteens
 - Terraces, shelters
 - Excellent slip-prevention rated to R13 according to BGR 181
 - Strong, long life adhesive
 - Durable, highly wear and tear resistant
 - Resistant to most chemicals and mineral oils
 - Forklift traffic resistant
 - Usable on nearly all surfaces
 - Can be walked on immediately after installation
 - Available in rolls with standard widths of 19mm to 914 mm width, 18,3 m length (stock articles)
 - Available in rolls with individual width, 18,3 m length (non-stock articles)
 - Pre-cut strips (stock articles)
 - Custom die cuts (non-stock articles)

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