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The relation between quality and costs is a winner arm of this covering that may be inserted in the natural stones market but with cheaper solutions. Its capacity of innovation continues to present us products with more performances at more competitive costs. The variety of solutions with infinite colours, with many kind of finishings as polished, natural, honed or textured, the cement and stony effect are only a part of its choosing possibilities.


The most ancient and prestigious solution of lasting covering guaranteed by its millenary history. Marbles, granits and stones are always utilized by designers to extend the perception of everlastingness and richness in an exclusive habitat. It's made out of natural materials and worked with the most advanced technology;
 it's possible to propose it in many different, elegant and refined, distinguished and determined, rigorous and ambiguous harmonies.


It's the most classic natural product. Its veins, colours and odors permit to conjugate tradiction and contemporary, style and refinement to give you the complete sensation of comfort and heat for your well-being. The wooden essences from all the world can harmonically draw near to
 every environment and can have several finishings as fog coat or oil painting, brushed or smoothed, in function of distinct personalities.


Several solutions are available for operating and multifunctional areas, where technical and aesthetical requirements allow to realize comfortable and sensible environments at lower costs. Hpl Laminate, PVC, Linoleum, Rubber, moquette can offer an infinite range of materials and colours for the pleasure to furnish a space in accordance with one's own taste.


The exigency to use the raised flooring system in these rooms is born at the beginning of seventy's; since that time the requirements in these spaces are the same, even if the new technologies offer more opportunities: high load bearing capacity, antistatic or conductive property, wearproof and very good quality in case of fire... with low costs.
 All this is a practical, concrete and economic raised floor.

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