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Parking barrier

HMI Offers wide range of barriers to suit your site requirements.
 Available in 230V AC and 24V DC motors.
 Barrier Arm Sizes: 3.5m /6 m / 8m
 Opening: By Push Button / remote/ Access Card / Long Distance Reader / Open by Mobile Phone / Magnetic Loop


Swing & Sliding Gate Operators

Gate Operators : Operators designed for Flexible automation to suit different type of frame, different duty cycle and differenct environment.
 Swing Gate: Operators suitable for gates of dimension 3000mm up to 5000mm
 Double Swing gate / single swing gate
 Sling Gate Operators: Operators Suitable for gate weight of 300 kg, 500kg, 700kg, 1000kg, 1800kg and 300kg.

Turnstiles (Full Height & waist Height)

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