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Fabric Type- Mega Fold-Up Hanger Door

 Aluminum Framed Hanger Door

 Sliding Folding Hanger Door (With or Without Bottom Track)

 Sliding Telescopic Type Hanger Door


Fabric Type- Mega Fold-Up Hanger Door

For high durability, energy saving and reliability, with minimum maintenance. Each door is individually designed to be customized and to withstand winds and bad weather, which can be different based on the area where the product is installed.
 These doors consist of an inner panel, an outer panel and some bars for more stability. This door is ideal for industrial environments designed for material handling.
 Maximum Dimension 30000mm x 20000 mm H
 Wind load: Class 4 (140km/hr)

Sliding Folding Hanger Door (With Or Without Bottom Track)

The exclusive assembly system of the sliding door creates a unique folding effect, whereby the combination of different door concepts can be incorporated in the same fa  ade.
 The sliding door offers an array of unique features, providing maximum security for large openings, where minimum headroom of only 160mm is required. Additional features include:
 Opening to one or two sides
 With or without bottom rail
 Manual operation with optional electrical drive

Sliding Telescopic Type Hanger Door

The each door section is bottom rolling and top guided. Configurations include: uni-directional, bi-parting, individually operated, 3-way traveling group and anchored group systems. These options allow you to choose the best for your requirement. These types of door provide an excellent application for corporate, FBO, charter and airline hangars. The door system is built to endure massive wind loads and withstand strong weather conditions. The vertical weather seal bulbs offer most reliable all-weather protection. A stable operating movement is maintained due to the quality of the bottom rails and the top tracks.

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