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Rapid doors suppliers Rapid doors or Rapid entryways are normally utilized wherever merchandise activity happens and where the entryways need to satisfy unique necessities. In the nourishment and drink industry, or Medical industry for instance, unique climatic conditions need to win; short opening and shutting times lessen cooling misfortune, dodge wind stream and empower a smooth working methodology. They can likewise be planned in bigger measurements for the mining and air ship ventures.
 Below is the list of rapid doors supplied by HMI in UAE.
 Our docking solutions, combined with sectional doors, gives some fantastically durable industrial solutions. But, they are meant for specific industries-- places where the speed is of less significance.
 However, some industries like the beverage industry or medical industry demand some specific climatic conditions. Cooling misfortunes and outside wind stream can cost a massive amount due to a constant need for opening and closing.
 In such cases, high-speed doors can come to the rescue.
 HMI group has been one of the responsible Rapid Door Suppliers for facilities with a need for speed. Our solutions include    High speed fabric roll-up doors   ,    High speed fabric fold-up doors   , and    High speed Spiral insulated sectional doors   .
 Depending on the door of your choice, these Rapid Doors can open and close at speed up to 2m/s. Additionally, each entry serves its purpose without being an interruption in your process.

High speed Fabric Roll up doors

Material: PVC Fabric (900 / 1200 gsm)
 Maximum Dimension: 6000 mm Width & 6000mm Height
 Speed: up to 2.0 m/s (depending on the size & model).
 These rapid Doors are designed for indoor use and ensure rapid transition operations between different areas that should remain separated. These safe and efficient industrial doors come with safety features like photocells and barriers. The doors could be operated by simple Push Button, Radar, Magnetic Loop, Pull switch or by Hand held Remote control options.
 The doors are of two types
 1). Rapid roll up     standard type: Suitable for All standard Aplications
 2) Rapid roll up     Self repairing type: Suitable for Food & Pharmaceutical Industries, Car Wash, clean Room etc.

High speed Fabric Fold up Doors

These doors are safe and fast, able to withstand high winds and to ensure safe opening and closing operations within large spaces. They consist of a frame made of steel bars covered with PVC, able to withstand very strong winds even up to 150 km/h.
 Max Dimension : 12000mm x 10000mm.
 Material: PVC Fabric (900 / 1200 gsm)
 Speed: 0.7 m/s.

High speed Spiral insulated Sectional doors

These Technologically advanced New Spiral doors designed to better separate different working areas, where different acoustic and thermal intensity or intended for different uses. These doors are extremely versatile and achieve very high speed of up to 2m/s.
 The system is made of high density polyethylene, while the structure is made of aluminum panels or double-walled steel ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation with the possibility to install polycarbonate windows.
 High-quality materials and advanced technology make this door ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.
 Curtain: Double skin Insulated Lath of thickness 40mm /50 mm /& 80mm
 Max Dimension: 6500 mm W x 6000mm H
 Speed: upto 1.5 m/s (depending on the size).

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