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HMI offers a complete line of steel doors for the commercial, institutional and industrial construction markets.
 If you prioritize durability, security, aesthetics and fire protection requirements the HMI has the right door to suit your needs. All hollow metal doors supplied by us in HMI are manufactured using Galvanneal Steel which offers corrosion protection on every square inch, both outside and inside.

Steel Doors

Types: Steel Doors Non Fire Rated, Steel Doors Fire Rated, Sound Proof (Acoustic) Doors and Frames, Stainless Steel Doors and Frames, Bullet Proof Doors and Frames, X-ray Room Doors and Frames, Transom and Sidelite Frames, Detention (Cell Doors) Doors and Frames, Access Doors and Frames, Window Frames and security screens, Seamless Doors and Frames, Dutch Doors and Frames & Gas Tight Doors and Frames (Air Tight)

Doors cores

Available in Honeycomb core, Polystyrene core, Stiffened Door with fiberglass insulation, Stiffened Door with Rock wool insulation.

Door Construction

45mm (13/4") thick full flush construction with the details confirming to SDI-111A-EDGE considered.
 Manufactured from cold rolled steel sheets to ASTM A366 or from galvanized steel to ASTM A526.
 Available in nominal 1.2mm (18ga.) or 1.5mm (16ga.). Vertical edges are interlocked. 1.5mm (16ga.) deep end channels at top and bottom of door for lasting integrity.
 Hardware reinforcing in accordance to ANSI, SDI, NFPA standards requirements.
 Tested according to UL10(B) and labeled up to 3 hours.
 Available with wide range of glass light and louver preparations.
 Fire rated, Labeled: Available in sizes up to 4'x8' single and 8'x8' double. Larger sizes are also available with oversize certification.


This specification applies to standard steel frames as shown on the plan and door schedules and as manufactured. HMI Hollow Metal will provide frames in compliance with ANSI/SDI-100 requirements. We provide fire rated frames labeled and listed by UL (or) Warringtonfire-Mideast

Frame Construction

Frames are constructe d of 1.2mm (18 gauge) or 1.5mm (16 gauge) or 2mm (14 gauge) or 2.5mm (12 gauge) commercial quality cold rolled steel ASTM A366 or hot dip galvanized steel sheet ASTM A526, G90 for doors of either 45mm (13/4") or 35mm (13/8") thickness with the details conforming to SDI-111A. All bends shall be formed with true sharp radii.
 Transom side light frames may be of 1.5mm. (16ga.) or 20.0mm (14ga.) Steel Sheet.
 Maximum Frame size: 3650 X 3048mm. or 3048x 3650mm. for masonry Wall installations and
 3650x3048mm. for dry wall installations.
 Maximum Door opening Size: 1220x2438mm. for single, 2438x2438mm. for pair.
 Jamb Depth: 120mm.Min. thru 323mm. Max. (4 3/4" thru 12 3/4')
 maximum throat Opening: 114mm. For masonry wall; 92mm. for dry wall

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