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Industrial rolling shutters in uae - Roller Shutters are one of the most versatile door products available for access control to almost all sizes of opening and perfect for covering and securing doorways, windows and other apertures. The roller shutter door is always made to order and requires very little space above, outside, or inside any opening.
 There are well over 50 different curtain slat types that can be used to construct a roller shutter curtain and all of them have different levels of strength, security, insulation and surface finishes available. Steel or aluminium are the 2 main materials for the roller door curtain construction in Single Skin and Double Skin construction.

Solid Slat Industrial Rolling Shutter Door (Electrical Operated Steel / Stainless Steel)

HMI Doors supply a wide range of Solid slat roller Shutter doors for the industrial sector where the environment is often harsh with high usage and very large sizes. Industrial warehouses and factories can often also be exposed so the wind becomes a key factor in the specification for the roller doors used. The shutter doors come in two pitches 75mm and 100mm. With slat thickness of 0.7mm, 1.0mm 1.2mm and 1.5mm

Manual Operated Rolling Shutter Door

HMI do offer manually operated roller doors (Steel /Aluminium) but they are relatively rare these days in industrial applications, with electric motor prices being so competitive. Manual operation is used on smaller or very low usage roller doors only.

Insulated Rolling Shutter Door (Steel /Aluminium)

The double skinned curtain Roller Shutter Doors will offer greater Thermal protection keeping the inside temperature as constant as possible and use as a multi-purpose door system in any building requiring good levels of insulation as well as security. The curtain laths available in Aluminum and Steel with a foam filled core and a smooth or microprofile design to the front to provide an attractive and practical surface finish enhancing your building. The majority of insulated roller doors are electrically operated
 The standard painted finish (off White) has a superb visual appearance but the slats can also be painted if required to suit your colour requirements and corporate branding. The shutter laths are available in 77mm Pitch and 90mm Pitch to suit to different opening dimensions.

Light Industrial Continuous Profile Doors

The continuous profile Light Industrial Roller Doors are designed for easy installation, maintenance free operation and a long life. These doors are fast, silent and safe offering customers  value for money. The curtain made of Steel with Zinc alum coating and multiple layers of coating.
 The Light Industrial Roller Doors are mostly used in store fronts, shops, warehouses, factories and wherever complete closures are needed at a low cost. The doors can be operated manually, by a hand chain or they could be motor operated.
 Max Dimension 5000mm width & 5000mm Height
 Operation: Manual / Electrical

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