Ladder Beam-Unit Beam

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Ladder Beam

Ladder Beam are made from 48.3mm OD x 4.0mm Wall Thickness Tube and saddle welded at every joint, they fully integrate with existing fittings. Ladder Beam in standard sizes from 3.0m to 6.0m.

Unit Beams

Can be used either to provide a clean span between scaffold or may be assembled as prefabricated framework for temporary building or other structure. Complete spans can be quickly erected utilizing individuals beam lengths. Beam ends are self locating to provide fast on side assembly and are secured using Mx20x50 bolt, complete with nut and washer.
 Top and bottom chords manufactured from 48.30/D x 4mm thick steel tube to BS 1139, cut to length 2.44m or 3.6m at 610mm centre vertically. Heavy duty spigot welded in one end to chords. End post is 48.3mmO/Dx3.2mm thick to BS 4360
 Diagonal brace tubes are 27mm O/D x 3.2mm thick steel tube grade 13C BS 4380. Coupler Plate with 2 or 3 holes are welded on top and bottom at bottom ends. Supplied complete with bolts and nuts. Finishing: Painted or Galvanized.

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