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Timber Pole Ladder

Timber Pole Ladders Made to British Standard BS 1129, INDUSTRIAL DUTY Max safe working load 175kg (27.5 stones); Duty Rating 130kg The strongest UK category. These ladders are built for the most rugged and frequent use.
 Timber Pole Ladders in standard sizes from 3m to 10m, all with matched Scandinavian White-Wood stiles finished with 2 coats of Ladder varnish.

Steel Ladder

Steel Ladders, Fully conforming to BS EN 131:1993. Steel Ladder Verticals are Mild Steel of 50mm x 25mm x 2mm wall thickness and the Rungs are 30mm x 30mm x 2mm wall thickness.

Aluminium Ladder

Aluminum Ladders, Fully conforming to BS EN131.

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