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Rolling Shutter Operators –External Side

Direct drive Motor with chain transmission
 Available Motor Capacity (Kg) : 200, 300, 500, 600, 750, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000
 Available in Single Phase and Bigger Models in 3 Phase Power Supply

Rolling Shutter Operators – Tubular

Direct Drive Motor available in Motor Capacity (Kg) : 200, 300, 500
 Available in Single Phase

Rolling Shutter Operators – Central Motor

Spring Balance Door Motor
 Suitable for Counter balanced doors up to 170 kg and 340 kg

Sectional Garage door Operators

Garage Door Operator (Trolley Type)
 Solution for Sectional Overhead garage door for Residential use
  Torque 700N / 800N /1000 N
 Trolley Length: suitable for 2500mm / 3000 mm Clear Height Door
 Garage Door Operator (Direct Drive Type): Fitted Directly to the shaft of the Sectional Garage Door. An ideal solution for openings having site conditions where trolley type roofing mounted installation is not possible.
 Suitable for doors upto 20sqm and 35 sqm

Industrial Sectional doors operators

Keyed on driving shaft or featuring pinion and chain
 transmission, making other moving parts superfluous.
 Adjustable rotating limit-switch unit complete with 3 limit
 Fitting with pinion and crown favours adapting movement
 speed to one   s own needs or installation when side space is
 Making this motor complete with safety accessories
 and controls in compliance with standards in force.
 Motor Capacity:
 60 Nm (Single Phase)
 65 Nm (Three Phase)
 Manual Operation in case of Power Failure: by Pull rope / Manual Chain

Continuous Profile Door Motor

Motors for counterbalance light duty Continuous profile Garage doors (Dual Drive Operators).


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