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Commodity: NEW / USED RAILS
 Standard specifications: R50-R65
 Specification/chemical composition of used rails bellow:
     Rails are free from bent and twisted rails, frog, switch and guard rails, rails with split heads and broken flanges. Continuous welded rail may be included provided no weld is over 9 inches from end of the piece of rail. Free from Fluff, Non ferrous inclusions, excessive rust and other impurities. Free from war and explosives, shells, cartridges, other arms and ammunitions used or otherwise and any closed containers.
     Free from any radioactive materials, any harmful chemicals, substances, and coatings any organic waste any other harmful substances. Dirt, dust, rust fluff and other impurities not allowed being over 5%. The rails are to be neatly bundled and secured with iron wire or straps, provided with adequate lifting hooks. Individual bundles not to exceed 5 MTW.
     Rail, Steel No. 1.Standard section tee rails, original weight 50 pounds per yard or heavier, 12.5m. Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight of 50 pounds per yard and over 12.5meters long .
 (28B) (28C) Rail, Steel No. 2 T. Rail Ends. Standard section, original weight 50 pounds per yard and over 12.5meters. Rail, Steel No. 3.Standard section tee, girder, and/or guard rails, to be free from frog and switch rails not cut apart, and contain no manganese, cast, welds, or attachments of any kind except angle bars.
 1.0m (0.8     1.0m). Scrap/Rail Ferrous
 Scrap (R50/R65) chemical composition shall be according to: R50 GOST 7173 -75 weight 51.67kg/meter
 R65 GOST 8165 -75 weight 64.72kg/meter
 C = 0.54% - 0.82%
 Si = 0.18     0.40%
 Mn = 0.60     1.05% S = 0.04% - MAX
 P = 0.035% MAXAs = 0.01 Max of mass share


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