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Whether you need a secure and safe place to park your vehicles or an insulated place to build a new startup, Garages have always been the priority.
 And what keeps it safe and secured? The walls and the doors through which one goes in and out of the garage. And the latter part is what we supply.
 HMI group is one of the reliable suppliers of Garage Doors in UAE. We supply five types of residentially-used garage doors across the country. They are:
 1) Sectional Overhead Doors: Traditional steel doors made to deliver and sustain for a long-long time.
 2) GI Slat Rolling Shutter Door (Solid & Perforated): When the traditional sectional doors can   t be hung to the ceiling, these doors come to the rescue for wider openings.
 3) Insulated Rolling Shutter Door: If insulation, alongside security, is your priority, these are an ideal choice.
 4) Up &Over Garage Doors: The classic up & over doors.
 5) Continuous Profile Garage Door: For rigorous climatic conditions, these are a better option.
 Each of these five is suitable for the agreed conditions. Depending on what suits your requirement the best, options for    manual    or    manual & electronic    operation is available. Just slide up the door and ride out your car!

Sectional Overhead doors

Traditional Steel garage doors deliver performance and durability at affordable price. These garage doors are available with classic raised panels, Ribbed or Flush type. Two coats of baked-on polyester paint provide a low-maintenance finish that looks great, year after year.
 These steel garage doors combine the long-lasting performance of high quality steel with the elegance of clean lines and classic designs. Whether you want to create a subtle statement or a bolder one, our wide assortment of neutral tones will complement the architectural details of your home.
 Panel thickness: 38mm / 40 mm
 Skin Thickness: 0.45mm
 Dimension:  Standard height 2440mm;
 Standard Width     3000mm , 3650mm, 4250mm, 4875mm, 5480mm, 6000mm

GI Slat Rolling Shutter Door (Solid & Perforated)

HMI Doors supply a wide range of Solid slat & Perforated roller Shutter doors for the Residential Garage doors. Suitable for wider openings where the sectional doors cannot be hung to the ceiling. The shutter doors come in two pitches 75mm and 100mm, with slat thickness of 0.7mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm. Here combination of solid slat and perforated is also possible.

Insulated Rolling Shutter Door

The double skinned curtain Roller Shutter Doors will offer greater Thermal protection keeping the inside temperature as constant as possible and use as a multi-purpose door system in any building requiring good levels of insulation as well as security. The curtain laths available in Aluminum and Steel with a foam filled core and a smooth or microprofile design to the front to provide an attractive and practical surface finish enhancing your Villa

Up &Over Garage Doors

The One piece traditional UP and OVER garage doors comes in standard or made to order in various materials, like Steel, GRP, UPVC and Timber, in various different designs and finishes. Many designs incorporate windows for light and visual appeal.
 All doors can be either manual or remote control electric operated. The simplicity of operation and diversity of panel design is one key factor. Up and over garage doors can be a standard size or made to measure if extra width or height is required to optimize the drive through sizes.
 Panel thickness: 38mm / 40 mm
 Skin Thickness: 0.45mm
 Standard height 2000mm     3480mm;
 Standard Width : 6000mm - 6000mm

Continuous Profile Garage Door

These doors are mostly used for garages in villas and in Small shops. They can be operated manually or electronically with a remote control and have an auto reversing safety system. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the Middle Eastern climate. It is a light duty economic solution for the Garage Doors.
 Max Dimension 4000mm width & 4000mm Height
 Operation: Manual / Electrical

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