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Scaffold Tube Suppliers in UAE

We are the potential suppliers of Scaffolding tubes in UAE. Our scaffolding tubes otherwise called as Scaffolding pipes are compatible with all types of scaffolding accessories. All our products are manufactured with galvanized steel to ensure quality.

Scaffolding tube specification

Scaffold Tube are 48.3 mm Outer Diameter in 4.0 mm and 3.2 mm wall thickness in various lengths.
 The Scaffold Tubes are available in Black and Galvanized steel finish.
 Ask any building contractor, and they will say what critical role scaffolds play. Scaffold tubes/pipes play a central role in providing the temporary support a building needs during construction, repairing, or maintenance.
 And we supply just that.
 HMI group is one of the better scaffold tube suppliers in UAE. We supply galvanized steel pipes to businesses in the construction industry. Our scaffold tubes are of top-most quality, meaning:
 1) They possess a higher carrying capacity.
 2) They are steady and durable.
 3) These tubes are easy to assemble and disassemble.
 4) They are guaranteed to sustain all weathers.
 The scaffold tubes we supply are 48.3 mm in outer diameter and are available in different lengths depending on the requirement. Each of these pipes is graded for stress, strain, and every other strength factor to ensure a quality finish.
 So, if you are looking to for a scaffolding pipe suppliers in UAE, hit us up.


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