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Blast resistant Doors

Swing & Sliding Type Blast resistant doors for High bar pressure.
 HMI can supply and fit a range of doors that provide protection from the use of firearms. The blast/bulletproof doors have been tested and certified in accordance with reputed Test Laboratory.
 Designed and built for protection in the event of fire, blast of ballistic attack and engineered for long term durability, MML design and manufacture doors to withstand blast, ballistic and forced entry threats combined in one product.

Oversized doors (Rolling & Sectional doors)

Special Design and built solution for Oversized Opening Dimension and Requirement. We offer solutions both in Rolling shutter and Sectional Doors

Cold Room Doors

HMI offers a wide range of hinged doors and sliding doors for cold rooms:
  - Single and double leaf hinged doors
 - Single-and double-leaf sliding doors,
 manually or automatically
 We offer cold store doors which are free of corroding components.
 In the design the strict hygienic rules were paid special attention. The surfaces are made of galvanized sheets painted in different colors or stainless steel circular graining.

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