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Scaffolding, conjointly referred to as scaffold or staging may be a temporary structure invented to support labors and materials to help within the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and every one alternative artificial structures. Scaffolds are employed in sites to urge access to heights and areas that may be otherwise arduous to urge to.

Scaffolding products in UAE

Below is the list of wide range of high quality scaffolding products in UAE by us.
 Not only are we one of the top scaffolding pipe suppliers in UAE, we are also a supplier of every other scaffolding products in UAE.
 HMI has contracts with several construction companies across the country and has delivered quality scaffolding products for a long time.
 Our products include:
 1) Cuplock systems: Vertical (open end), Ledger, Intermediate Transom, and Spigot connecters. All of these helps in building a stable frame.
 2) Couplers Fittings: Double coupler, Swivel coupler, Single coupler, Sleeve coupler, Gravlok coupler, Board Retaining coupler, Joint Pin, Toe Board clamp, and Ladder clamp.
 3) Scaffold Boards: LVL, Normal, and Steel planks.
 4) Ladders: Aluminum, Steel, and Timber.
 5) Scaffolding jacks-base plate: Adjustable, universal, U-head, and Plain base plates.
 6) Others: Mobile & Folding Towers, Ladder Beam units, and other tools and accessories such as Top & bottom cup, Ledger Blade, Castor wheels, Spirit Level, Ratchet spanner, Scafftag box, and more.
 7) And, of course, Scaffold pipes.
 Every product we supply, we make sure of the superior quality. Each of these accessories is passed through various tests and standards to ensure no mishaps occur during the construction of buildings, bridges, or any other artificial structures.
 If you are looking to contract-out any of these scaffolding products in UAE, contact us!

Cuplock System Scaffolding

Couplers Fittings

Scaffold Tubes Pipes

Scaffold Boards


Scaffolding Jacks-Base Plate

Ladder Beam-Unit Beam

Aluminium Scaffolding

Scaffolding Tools and Accessories

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