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HMI's Commodity Trading division basically trades with Metals and Energy sectors
 We acts as a Mandate or Facilitator introducing REAL Buyers to REAL Seller and arranges contracts for the supply of a variety of sought after commodities between established Sellers and Buyers in the Commodity Industry. We do the due diligence, legal consultancy and contracts for our clients.
 Types of Commodities
 Commodities that are traded are typically sorted into two categories: Metals and Energy
 HMI is committee to fair trade in Metal Trading. We are dealing only with reputed manufacturers or vendors in Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals mainly into the following items
 Copper Cathode
 Metal Billets,
 Aluminum Ingots
 Metal Rebar and
 Rails R50/R65 (Used and New)
 Our team experience in working with the producers, leading oil traders and Energy multinationals give us insight into how to put together deals, assess risk and advise in trading issues, transport and supply of oil and Gas
  Energy commodities include
  Jet Fuel A1,
  D6, D2 and
  En590 10PPM.
  Any other product not mentioned can be discussed and arranged.

Aluminum Ingots

RAILS R50 / R65



COPPER CATHODE (Electrolytic Copper Grade)

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